I went to my corporate end-of-the-year event in Kirribilli yesterday. It was a rather overcast and rainy day, not great for enjoying the time on the public reserve grass nor photography. At least, I captured a few images that are a good record of Kirribilli in gloomy weather, and I like how the white boats stand out against the dark sky. There is something about white boats that lifts the spirit, don’t you think? I do like Kirribilli because I spent so many years of my life going there on Sunday mornings and hanging out and shooting there. Hope someone else can appreciate these shots too. To people not living in Sydney, these scenes could be quite a novelty.

It was the first time I shot with the Leica M-mount Elmar 24mm f/3.8 lens on the Leica SL (typ 601) body. I’m glad the ‘wide angle test’ passed, i.e. there is no smearing in the corners, like it was the case with the Sony A7II and Sony A7RII cameras I used recently. There is a lot of tiny detail in the images. The lens resolves the SL’s 24MP sensor well, it seems. I’m happy with the results so far.

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